Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trying out new stuff

So, Tabletop RPGs are some of my favorite things and some of my favorite pastimes. However, like any endeavor, burn out is very possible.
When this happens, I used to take a step back and focus on other stuff for a while so I could relax, but that just left me with a lot of free time spent vegging out in front of a TV or a computer, which didn't really help.
Now what I try to do is to learn about a different system. I tried that after being very frustrated with a player, and it helped me not only reverse the burnout, but also helped me find a way to finish a dead end adventure.
I try my best to learn about ones vastly different than what I usually do.
I play Medieval High Fantasy? I shoot for Grim Dark Sci-Fi. I get done with that? I go for 1920s Call of Cthulhu. I normally go for the d20 System? I go to d10s, Fate, or percentile!
I change it up and learn about the lore, since it can be very good for inspiration!
Warhammer 40K has amazing Space Orcs! I've devised a silly adventure from them for a one-shot based on it! It's a great way I've learned to reset everything.
I'm aware that not everyone is as fanatical about these games and wants to learn all this stuff, but I thought I would share in case someone else might be able to use it.